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About Us

Yachtchain, founded in 2023, is a game-changing startup revolutionizing the yacht industry. Our SaaS platform caters specifically to yacht brokers, offering a comprehensive CRM solution alongside services for yacht maintenance, surveyors, crew, and other industry professionals. With Yachtchain, yacht brokers gain access to an all-in-one management tool that simplifies client acquisition, communication, and workflow coordination. Our platform enhances collaboration, boosts efficiency, and provides data-driven insights to drive informed decision-making. Count on Yachtchain to streamline your yacht brokerage business and propel it to new heights.

Our Story

Yachtchain, founded in 2023, was born from a passion for the yacht industry and a determination to overcome its challenges. We developed a game-changing SaaS platform to streamline operations, foster collaboration, and empower professionals to thrive in this dynamic industry. With our deep understanding of the yacht industry and commitment to innovation, we have become a leading force in the market.

Our Vision

At Yachtchain, our vision is to drive the digital transformation of the yacht industry. We aim to make yachting more accessible and enjoyable by providing cutting-edge technology that simplifies processes, fosters collaboration, and empowers professionals. Through our platform, we strive to deliver data-driven insights, efficient workflows, and tools for success, contributing to the growth of the industry.


Yachtchain's advanced SaaS platform combines powerful features with user-friendly interfaces. Built with the latest technologies, our cloud-based architecture ensures scalability, flexibility, and secure data storage. With our robust CRM system tailored for yacht brokers, automation, data analytics, and collaborative tools, we optimize efficiency, productivity, and real-time collaboration among industry professionals. 

Meet The Team

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